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Volume 25, November 2012
Non-fiction | Asia
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Non-fiction | Asia
Web Exclusives and Writing from the Archive
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Non-fiction | Ireland
Seamus Heaney - a great poet
30 August 2013. Seamus Heaney died today. A great, great poet and a good, good man.
Fiction | Hong Kong
A Day in the Life of Curly Jones, Lawyer John Burdett
Every morning after the paracetamol, the coffee and the pain au chocolat at the Hong Kong Club, Curly Jones, partner in the law firm of Magnus, Gray and Ping, sat back, gazed at the ceiling and pondered the precarious nature of life in general and his in particular.
Interview | India
Interview: Jeet Thayil Martin Alexander
I knew China would be a part of the book. I didn’t know how big a part until I started to write the section that came to be titled ‘Story of the Pipe’. It is an unexpected Russian-style digression into China, but the title tells the reader why it is there and how it feeds off and into the main narrative.
Non-fiction | Asia
Remembering a Friend of the Review - Gore Vidal Ilyas Khan
The American author, who died this summer, was a writer whose acerbic wit will be celebrated for a very long time. 
Non-fiction | Philippines
Give Up Tomorrow Luis H. Francia
The film marshals evidence so convincingly that the viewer cannot help but conclude that Paco and his co-accused have suffered a grave miscarriage of justice.
Interview | China
Interview: Wang Xiaofang Shu-Ching Jean Chen
Corruption is widely acknowledged as a serious and endemic issue in China. Yet only occasionally – when big cases come to light – is the public provided with a glimpse into the rarefied world of corrupt, elite officials.
Non-fiction | Iran
Review: Joseph Anton by Salman Rushdie Alisha Haridasani
FROM 14 February 1989 onwards, Salman Rushdie did not receive his post directly. Instead, every letter or invitation went to his agency, where it was screened and tested for explosives before a member of his protection team would pick it up and take it to him. 
Art | India
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Reloaded Poulomi Mukherjee and Amit Tayal
The classic adventurer is catapulted into the 21st century
Art | China
The Colour of Money Zhang Bingjiang
In the colour of the 100 yuan note, the artist embarks on a project that will be impossible to complete: a portrait of each Chinese official convicted of corruption. 1600 done, many more to do.
From The Editor
Essay | North Korea
North Korea: Absolute Power and Absolute Corruption Prominent defector Jang Jin-sung speaks from experience about the DPRK regime
Essay | Philippines
The Miserable Mrs Marcos Carla Camille L. Mendoza on how the first child of a second wife will always have issues.
Non-fiction | China
China: A Way Out of Corruption He Jiahong proposes a solution for corruption in China
Non-fiction | India
How a Maoist is Made Shashi Warrier shows how the rural poor can be driven into terrorism
Non-fiction | India
India: Decades in Convolution Dilip D'Souza on the Byzantine complexities of justuce in India
Non-fiction | Pakistan
Pakistan: A Culture of Corruption? Farrukh Saleem exposes systemic corruption in Pakistan
Non-fiction | China
Mortal Taste Audra Ang visits unregulated factories in China
Non-fiction | Asia
Review: Bonded Labor by Siddharth Kara
Non-fiction | Asia
Review: Hanging Devils by He Jiahong
India Delhi Durbar Krishna Partap Singh
Philippines Smaller and Smaller Circles F. H. Batacan
Thailand Eyes of Karma Tew Bunnag
Taiwan Private Eyes Chi Wei-Jan
Japan I'm Praising Him Right Now Prosper Anyalechi
China The Wind's Voice Mai Jia
John Wall Barger, Jeet Thayil, Gopilal Acharya, Sivakami Velliangiri, Reid Mitchell, Jéanpaul Ferro, Changming Yuan, Ma Yan
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— Web Exclusives and Writing from the Archive
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